Our next Themed Night – Greek – is already fully booked and we have a waiting list.

For information or for those who have not yet given us their options, the menu is below

Starters £6

Hummus with honey glazed pita bread (Vg)

Courgette fritters with tzatziki (Vg)

Apple, olive and kale salad with oregano and red wine vinaigrette dressing (Ve)

Red lentil soup (lentils, carrots, onion and cumin with granary bread (Ve)

Mains £14

Cheesy village pie with salad (Vg)

Mushroom pasticcio (layered macaroni, béchamel sauce and mushroom mince) with shredded cabbage and carrot salad (Ve)

Lamb kleftiko with feta salad (£2)

Lamb Moussaka with feta salad (£1)

Rose harissa cauliflower steak with bulgur wheat pilaf (Ve)

Flatbread topped with aubergine and courgette in tahini sauce , salad garnish (Ve)

Oven baked hake with roasted vegetables

Desserts £6

Honey cake topped with pistachios

Greek yogurt with honey

Chocolate mousse

Almond shortbread (Ve)


Bread basket £3

Olives with feta cheese £5

Crispy lemon and herb potatoes £3