Our next evening event is French Night Wednesday 2 November.

The menu is set out below. Please let us know if you wish to book, with timing and options, either at time of booking or shortly after. You may BYO if you wish, subject to £5 corkage charge. Our previous two evenings have been sold out, so advise booking early if you can.

Starters £6


Classic French onion soup made with beef stock, topped with toasted cheesy baguette 


Pear, brie and walnut salad (Vg)


Portobello mushroom stuffed with crabmeat, salad garnish 


Savoury tofu quiche with sundried tomatoes and spinach 


Mains £14


Cheesy potato bake made with potatoes, garlic, bacon lardons, Reblochon cheese, white wine, served with salad 


Braised chicken thighs in red wine sauce with roasted pears, salad garnish


Pan fried hake in a lemon butter sauce with shallots and capers, served with mashed potato and petit pois 


Fragrant lentil and carrot loaf with roast potatoes and broccoli (Ve) 


Desserts £6


French style cheesecake with a light pastry crust 


French style apple tart with cream 


Dark chocolate mousse (Gf) 


Fresh fruit salad (Ve, Gf)