Our next Themed Evening is Polish Night on Wednesday 24 November. There are a few places left, please contact us on hello@tangerinecafe.co.uk or 01308281110 if you wish to book.

Menu is below; we shall need options by 1000 on Monday 22 November please.

Starters – £5.50


Pierogi – 3 small baked pastry pasties – cottage cheese and potato, mushroom and shallot, tomato and red lentil served with dips (Vg)


Smalec – bacon pate with crusty bread and pickles 


Roasted pepper half filled with rice and peas (Ve)


Mains £9.50


Lazanki – flat noodles in a non dairy creamy sauce with kale and mushrooms (Ve)


Bigos-  Slow cooked pork and smoked sausage stew with cabbage, tomatoes onions and potatoes. 


Fried hake topped with grated sautéed carrots and onions and served with potato wedges and peas 


Chicken schnitzel – chicken thinly pressed and breadcrumbed, fried. Served with mini roast potatoes and roasted red and white cabbage wedges 


Desserts £4.50


Honey cake with cream or ice cream 


Cheesecake with berries and cream 


Pancakes filled with sweet ricotta cheese and served with berry compote 



Bread basket

Leafy green salad